Hotel Suites in Cape Town

Double Volume Lofts

Our Hippo Boutique Hotel Suites provide a bespoke experience of the City. Each suite is a double volume loft that offers great views of the Mother City. All of the lofts come with our personal touch of hotel services

You can choose from one of our four Cape Town hotel suites. Our classic Hippo Suite, offers you a celebration of Cape Town’s urban atmosphere. This is our signature hotel suite that we designed, you could call it our house wine. 

The other hotel suites have been designed in collaboration with various organisations from The Red Bull suite, to the Mini Cooper suite or the Vida e Caffè suite

The Vida e Caffè Suite is inspired by the famous South African cafe brand. The colouring is inlign with their blend of red and cool white. Wake up energised in this revitalising space, just like a cup of coffee from Vida e Caffè. Why not stay in the suite that lives by the Vida e Caffè motto goes, “No passion, no point!” This is the perfect room for any coffee lover. 

Are you looking to stay in Cape Town for the iconic drives around the city? The Mini Cooper suite is the one for you. This suite is inspired by the playful classic of the Mini Cooper vehicle. It is a loft style suite that pays homage to the brand’s heritage from the colouring of the room to the appreciation of it’s british heritage. This is a room that provides you with the feeling of driving a scenic road with the windows open, an experience not hard to come by in the mother city. 

If you are more interested in Cape Town’s contemporary art scene, the Red Bull Suite is a great option for you. The suite was designed by Red Bull in Collaboration with the Cape Town agency World of Art. This loft suite provides pieces from various South African artists, giving any visitor an experience of our contemporary art scene. Accompanying the art is a view of Cape Town’s icon, Table Mountain. The experience of staying in this room is one you won’t want to miss.  

Let us know if you want to book a memorable night in our hotel suites in Cape Town.